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Stacey is forced to take drastic action to solve her money worries

EastEnders spoilers for next week reveal Stacey is under pressure from all angles. She is finally forced to resort to drastic measures to solve her money worries, but will it work?

Meanwhile, Sam gets the offer of a lifetime, but it means leaving Walford. Will she go? And, Eve takes steps to get rid of Nish – for good.

All this and more in next week’s EastEnders spoilers.

EastEnders spoilers

1. Stacey threatened by Shiv

Stacey’s deadling with Lily’s gender reveal party and avoiding calls from Shiv. She’s horrified to find him in the kitchen. He tells her exactly how she can repay her debts…

Eve bursts in and attacks Shiv. But this only makes things worse when he then insists Stacey repays her debt in full by tomorrow.

Panicking, Stacey’s forced to turn to Kat and Phil for money. But will they help her? Can Stace find a way to get rid of Shiv once and for all?

2. Stacey resorts to desperate measures

Things get worse for Stacey when she gets a massive electricity bill and knows she can’t pay it. Honey then reminds her her pitch fees are due and the pressure mounts.

Freddie talks to Stacey in the cafe on EastEnders

Freddie admits he couldn’t get by without the extra money he makes from selling pictures of his feet. Stacey is thoughtful.

After a chat with Linda about her Page 3 modelling days, Stacey makes a massive decision. How far will Stacey go to raise the cash to support her family?

3. Sam leaves?

After Sam lets Ricky down again, she’s left trying to make it up to him. But her efforts are interrupted when she gets a life-changing phone call. It soon leaves her with a big decision to make.

She tries to talk to Phil about her new business opportunity, but he dismisses her.

Sam talks to an angry looking Jack on EastEnders

She goes to see Jack and explain her ex, Don, has offered her the chance to manage a hotel in Spain.

Jack is left fuming and accuses her of abandoning Ricky again. Sam is completely torn.

Sam confides in Honey her dilemma and explains how the opportunity would help her make money to support Ricky and the baby.

Honey thinks Sam should go for it as it would be huge for Ricky to have that level of financial support. Will Sam really leave her son – and the Square – for a new life in Spain?

4. Eve takes on Nish

Suki and Eve are loved-up as they return from their business trip, but Nish spoils it. Eve is left heartbroken when she finds out Nish and Suki are having some alone time.

Worried Nish is forcing Suki to sleep with him, Eve is cold with Suki, who insists that’s not what’s going on. Eve tells Suki she loves her, but Suki can’t say the words back.

Eve then accompanies the Panesars to a meeting about the money laundering. Nish lays down the new terms.

However, it’s clear things aren’t going well. Suki and Vinny step in and save the day with some tough negotiating.

Nish is fuming at Suki for undermining him and Eve steps in to defend her. But Suki lashes out and insists she can fight her own battles.

Eve talks to Jack on EastEnders

Later, Eve goes to see Jack and offers to turn informant and give him Nish. Jack’s skeptical, but desperate Eve risks everything to get the evidence she needs.

5. Howie can’t forgive Kim

Howie won’t listen as Kim begs for forgiveness because she nearly killed his son. Will Howie soften when Kim organises a surprise party to welcome Denzel home?

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