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EastEnders: Jack ‘only one talking sense’ about Lily, 12, ending her pregnancy

He's very, very angry…

After last night’s EastEnders, Lily Slater’s pregnancy was a hot topic of discussion on social media.

It seems some viewers have decided that Jack Branning is “the only one talking sense” about Lily’s baby.

It was recently revealed that 12-year-old Lily is pregnant with Ricky Jr’s child.

In another shock to the their parents, Lily and Ricky Jr decided to keep the baby.

This hasn’t sat well with Jack, who petitioned Lily’s mum, Stacey Slater, to support him in advising Lily to get an abortion.

Both Stacey and Lily have refused, much to Jack’s annoyance, resulting in a war between the Brannings and the Slaters.

However, some viewers have found themselves in agreement with Jack.

Lily and Ricky Jr. talk on EastEnders
Lily is pregnant with Ricky Jr’s baby, much to Jack’s horror (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders fans say Jack is ‘talking sense’ about Lily Slater’s pregnancy

Writing on social media after last night’s episode (January 31) , EastEnders viewers shared their reactions to Jack’s behaviour.

A number of fans found themselves siding with Jack.

“Jack might be going about this the wrong way, but he’s the only one making sense. How can the others just be so chill about a 12-year-old child having a baby?” one viewer asked.

“Jack is the only one being honest with Lily and he’s being made out to be a villain. Crazy,” said another.

“Never thought I would say this, but Jack is the only one talking sense about this child having a child… this is what’s wrong with the world,” wrote a third.

“I really hate that Jack is the only one talking sense,” another viewer said.

So is Jack right about the baby? Not everyone thinks so…

EastEnders' Jack and Denise are arguing with the Slaters
Jack has made his feelings about the matter clear (Credit: BBC)

Viewers slam ‘nasty piece of work’ Jack

However, other viewers have been less impressed by Jack’s behaviour of late.

Many have called out his treatment of Lily, branding him a ‘nasty piece of work,’ in trying to force the youth to have an abortion.

Jack’s anger at the situation has resulted in him alienating Ricky Jr, who left home to live with mum Sam.

Can Jack make things right with his family?

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Stacey Throws A Drink Over Jack! - EastEnders

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