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EastEnders fans upset as Emma Harding makes an unwelcome return

Fans don't want her back

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In last night’s episode of EastEnders (Monday, September 11), Emma Harding made a shock return to Walford.

She’d returned to see Lexi after continuing to message her in secret despite being warned not to.

EastEnders fans have now been left furious as Emma makes a shock return to Walford, asking: “What’s even the point of her?”

EastEnders' Emma is serious
Emma returned to see Lexi (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders: Emma Harding’s return to Walford

Last night, Ben and Callum weren’t happy when Emma returned back to Walford.

She’d wanted to see Lexi after receiving some text messages from her.

Ben was furious that Emma had returned and was still contacting Lexi.

He then slammed her for not turning up to Lola’s funeral and saying goodbye, despite Emma telling him that she did make a brief appearance.

Ben then lashed out at Emma by telling her that Lola’s worst fear was leaving Lexi behind as she knew exactly what it felt like to not have a mum.

Emma then tried to make peace, telling Ben that she’d be staying in the area overnight, hoping to see Lexi the next day but Ben wasn’t having it.

EastEnders' Emma is shocked
Fans don’t see the point of Emma (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders fans furious as Emma returns to soap

EastEnders fans have been left furious as Emma returns to the soap, with many not being a fan of her.

They don’t see the point of her and aren’t happy that she’s been brought back to The Square.

One fan took to Twitter and questioned: “What is the actual point of Emma Harding?”

Another asked: “Why would Emma even come back? What a dumb move to make!”


Another fan complained: “With it being confirmed that Emma is only staying for a week, what’s the point of this stint at all, other than to cause upset?”

A fourth person moaned: “Oh I am SOOOOOOO sick of Emma. I know she’s trying to warn Ben of how Lexi is feeling but she’s just disgusting, giving Lexi her number without Ballum and Jay’s permission. The audacity of her to even speak after the [bleep] she’s pulled. What’s even the point of her?”

EastEnders' Emma is upset
What does Emma want? (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders: What does Emma want?

Emma’s suddenly rocked up to see her granddaughter due to Lexi messaging her.

But, is this why she’s back? Or, is there more to her sudden return to Walford?

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