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Harry and Meghan urged to ‘do your family duties’ by attending ‘uncomfortable’ Coronation: ‘Take the high ground’

Will the couple attend the coronation?

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Harry and Meghan have been warned that their “road to reconciliation” will get “even longer unless they accept the King’s “olive branch”.

The Sussexes were officially invited to the Coronation recently – however they are yet to confirm their attendance.

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Harry and Meghan have yet to accept the invitation (Credit:

Harry and Meghan issued warning after Charles’ olive branch

It was recently revealed that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been officially invited to the Coronation.

However, the royal couple are yet to confirm their attendance.

Now, reports are emerging that Prince Harry may attend the ceremony alone – with Meghan staying in the US.

PR expert Anthony Burr of Burr Media believes that this isn’t the way forward – and could make the “road to reconciliation” even longer.

“The King has extended an invitation to Harry and Meghan which can probably also be seen as an extension of a hand of friendship – an olive branch,” he told ED!.

“The question now is – How will Harry and Meghan react and what will be in the RSVP envelope? They are certainly taking their time about posting it back,” he then continued.

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What will Meghan and Harry do about Coronation?

The PR expert then continued, saying there are three options going forward.

The first option is Harry goes to the Coronation and Meghan stays at home.

“Now this will be seen as Megan not willing to see anyone or to try and make amends with any of The Firm,” he said.

“She may make an excuse on the grounds of health or staying back to look after the children, but everyone will see through this.”

This would be a real affront, making the road back to reconciliation even longer.

Anthony then continued, saying that the second option is they both attend.

“For me that would be the most positive sign that despite everything; despite the bombshell book, Spare; despite the Netflix series; despite the constant volleys from the US over to Buckingham Palace; despite Harry’s dislike of Camilla is now public,  there is a chance that they can patch things up to a degree and have some kind of relationship in the future with Buckingham Palace.”

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Will both decide not to attend? (Credit:

What if neither attend?

There is a third option, of course – neither attend King Charles‘ Coronation.

However, this won’t go down well according to the PR expert.

“The third outcome, the most negative outcome would be if they both decided to stay away. This would be a real affront, making the road back to reconciliation even longer,” he said.

“What would my advice be to them? Go. 100%. You’ve been invited. It’s a great honour and an incredible historical occasion,” he the continued.

“Take the high ground. It won’t be easy and parts of it will be uncomfortable but be strong and show the world that you are a unified couple and you still have respect for the British constitution and do your family duties,” he then said.

“Then to head back to the United States and continue to forge your own paths.”

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