EastEnders action-packed week: Gas explosion and Steven’s deadly fire plot

Is he going to have to shut her up forever himself?

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If you think that EastEnders has been a bit lacking in the action department lately, then worry no longer because next week is officially action-packed.

In case you’ve missed the big news, a gas explosion will rock Albert Square leaving at least one person dead.

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We’ve all assumed that ‘one person’ will be Steven Beale, which would provide him with a pretty convenient  get-out for his non-existent brain tumour.

But HOLD THE PHONE – what if we’ve been barking up the wrong tree all this time and it’s not Steven who is sent off to the pearly gates?

Jane Beale looks like she’s a serious contender when she discovers the shocking truth about Steven’s terminal cancer – i.e. he made it up.

And things look set to get even worse for her as she somehow gets to the bottom of Max Branning’s dastardly revenge plan.

We have to give Jane kudos for this because, we’ve been watching for weeks and still have no idea about his ultimate aim here.

But her discoveries  – however impressive they may be – look set to be the death of her.

Firstly she’s trapped in the restaurant after Steven sets fire to it following a showdown between them over his cancer lies.

And it appears that Jane has possibly sussed Abi’s part in the lies too, as she confronts her in the Square.

After realising that Jane knows the truth, Steven turns to Max who advises him to shut her up forever.

Steven responds by setting Beales alight with Jane still inside. But can Steven really kill his step-mum in cold blood?

Or will he do the decent thing and rescue her before things get too out of hand?

Because, obviously, setting fire to a building with your wheelchair-bound step-mum inside it to stop her revealing the truth about your fake brain tumour, is very much in hand.

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And what will it mean for Max if Jane somehow survives the restaurant blaze? Will he step in and do the unthinkable himself?

If he has to get his own hands dirty, how will he get rid of Jane? Could he somehow be behind the fireball that rips through the Square next week?

And could it be a double-revenge-whammy for Max as his arch-nemesis, Phil Mitchell, is missing after the tragedy.

Gosh. It’s exciting, isn’t it?