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Monday 21st May 2018

‘The View’ Donald Trump Skit Is Super Awkward

See Joy Behar and Anthony Atamanuik’s attempt at comedy.

The View opened the show on Friday with a Donald Trump skit that was super awkward.

Joy Behar compared President Donald Trumps approval rating to the Zika virus in The View’s skit. (Credit: YouTube/The View)

Liberal cohost Joy Behar and comedian Anthony Atamanuik starred in the political sketch involving the a fake resignation and the president joining the cast on the hit ABC talk show.

In the skit, Joy mocks The Donald’s presidential approval rating by comparing it to an infectious disease.

“You really need to get back on The View Donald,” she says. “Face it, you’re polling lower than the Zika virus.”

After convincing the president that he needs to visit The View in order to boost his approval rating, Joy manages to get him to sign a piece of paper.

Joy tricks the president into signing a resignation letter in the skit. (Credit: YouTube/The View)

The cohost claims it is an ABC consent form, so he signs it without even looking at it.

She then quickly drops the bomb that he actually signed a resignation letter.

As Joy runs out of the Oval Office chuckling, Donald yells after her: “Does this mean I can’t be on ‘Guy Day Friday?

“Guy Day Friday” is the title for the day in which The View has a man as a guest cohost, as opposed to the usual all female cast.

Donald will do anything to raise his approval rating in The View skit. (Credit: YouTube/The View)

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The entire skit is done in a mocking fashion, portraying the president as a clueless man who has no idea what is going on.

There is an uncomfortable interaction between Joy and Anthony throughout the entire spoof. Their lack of comedic connection comes across more as forced than funny.

The View has had its share of Donald drama over the years. However, since he became president, he has become even more of a hot topic for the show.

There is no love lost between the president and Joy. (Credit: Twitter/@joyvbehar)

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Joy is a big rival of the president, which comes across very clearly in the skit.

Anthony is known for his portrayal of President Trump; he also plays him on the Comedy Central’s The President’s Show.

Check out The View’s awkward skit below video.