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Friday 20th April 2018

'SNL' Cast Member Fondles Hot Guest Star's Butt In Hilarious Skit

They could barely keep it together during the entire ordeal!

Last night, during the 43rd season premiere of Saturday Night Live, Ryan Gosling joined cast member Kate McKinnon for a hilarious sketch that left the actor fighting back laughter.

Because of this, the 36-year-old actor's guest appearance on SNL was even funnier than expected.

In the sketch, Ryan, Kate and cast regular Cecily Strong sat in an NSA interrogation room as they recounted their experience being abducted by aliens... twice.

Ryan Gosling had fun with the SNL cast during the premiere of its 43rd season. (Credit: YouTube/@saturdaynightlive)

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Ryan and Cecily's characters had an amazing, ethereal story to retell while Kate compared her experience to "being stranded at the Fyre Festival."

Things got a little interesting when Kate started to describe how the aliens were suspiciously intrigued with her butt.

The NSA agents brushed off the alien behavior by saying that it might have been an "anatomical study."

Kate's character had a very different alien story compared to her costars. (Credit: YouTube/@saturdaynightlive)

Kate, convinced otherwise, then recruited Ryan to be her test dummy.

"So these guys don't have butts... regular butts," she said as she turned Ryan around so the agents could see his backside.

“I don’t think they’ve ever seen a crack before. So my theory is they thought it had broken into two pieces and they were trying to put Humpty Dumpty back together again,” she went on as she forced his butt cheeks together.

At one point, she even smushed her face into his rear end.

Ryan was obviously cracking up during the entire sketch. (Credit: YouTube/@saturdaynightlive)

Even though Ryan's face was turned away from the camera, it was evident that he was totally cracking up!

Everyone else in the room also tried very hard to hold their laughter, but failed miserably.

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Fans thought Ryan's second guest role on SNL was a nice change for the actor, who is mainly known for dramatic roles like those in The Notebook, The Place Beyond the Pines and Drive.

In the past, Ryan expressed his desire for a second try at being the guest host on the famous comedy sketch show.

Ryan let his fans know how excited he was to be hosting SNL for the second time. (Credit: YouTube/@saturdaynightlive)

"All my life, I knew I could host SNL. That thrill, that rush. And when I hosted, it was magical. But you only got part of me last time. This time, I’m gonna give the world my soul. I’m gonna give them something they’ll never ever forget," he said as he opened the show.

Ryan is currently promoting his new film, Blade Runner 2049, which is set to open Oct. 6.

Catch Ryan's hilarious SNL skit below.