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Monday 21st May 2018

'SNL' Faces Backlash After 'Totally Biased' Skit Goes Viral

Critics say the skit is all kinds of wrong.

Saturday Night Live has run into a bit of turbulence over a weekend skit that some viewers are calling "insulting."

The NBC sketch comedy series made headlines Monday after the skit about Irish airline, Aer Lingus, went viral.

Totally biased, not funny and the Ronan impersonation just can't get any worse.

The comedy bit featured Irish actress Saoirse Ronan and SNL vet Cecily Strong as Aer Lingus flight attendants. It included several stereotypes about Irish people, such as a love of potatoes and dogs, and having thick accents.

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The flight attendants find a dog wandering around the plane (Credit: SNL/YouTube)

The skit stirred up so much controversy in Ireland that The Irish Times published a lengthy article panning it as "unfunny Paddywhackery" – we're not exactly sure what that means, but it can't be good.

The story went on to say "national treasure" Saoirse Ronan – who's currently getting rave reviews for the film Lady Bird – "deserves better."

Potatoes are the only thing on the menu. (Credit: SNL/YouTube)

Aer Lingus was equally unimpressed and tweeted a statement mimicking President Donald Trump's recent criticism of the popular series.

"Just tried watching Saturday Night Live – unwatchable! Totally biased, not funny and the Ronan impersonation just can't get any worse. Sad," the tweet said.

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The nearly four-minute skit featured Ronan and Strong dressed in green uniforms and speaking in heavy Irish accents, with Ronan sporting an unflattering bouffant bob hairstyle.

The jokes poked fun at the name Aer Lingus sounding like "cunnilingus."

A dog found wandering on the tarmac is brought onto the flight. (Credit: SNL/YouTube)

The skit also featured Kate McKinnon as a member of the ground crew, complete with a hideous orange wig, orange safety vest and orange batons. She boarded the flight to reveal takeoff had been delayed because of a dog on the tarmac.

“It has sad eyes and the soul of Oscar Wilde. So we’re going to have to wait,” she said.

Things went downhill from there as a third flight attendant, played by Aidy Bryant, read the limited menu options: “We’ve got fingerling potatoes, we've got purple potatoes and we’ve got salmon,” she announced before correcting herself. “I'm Sorry. I misread that. The salmon is also potatoes.”

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As the skit went viral Monday, it generated more than 990,000 views on SNL's YouTube page. But many people in Ireland took to Twitter to bash it, with one person even likening it to a "hate crime."

Still, others said the skit wasn't that bad and told the critics to lighten up.

You can watch the skit below: